woman stressed out at work

5 Strategies for Reducing Stress at Work

5 Strategies for Reducing Stress at Work Even if you love your job, work can be a significant source of stress in your life. This stress can cause symptoms such as headaches, anxiety, trouble focusing, fatigue, and sleep problems. In some cases, this stress leads to changes in behavior, such as starting to use tobacco, withdrawing from social activities, and changes in eating. While…

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managing family stress

How to Manage Family Stress

How to Manage Family Stress It doesn’t take an expert to know that managing family life can prove incredibly stressful. Between shuttling kids off to several activities, keeping a clean home, managing finances, and getting food on the table, family stress can add up quickly. It’s no wonder that 79 percent of American adults report feeling stressed sometimes or frequently throughout the day. If…

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therapist helping patient with stress management

Can a Therapist Help Me with Stress?

Can a Therapist Help Me with Stress? Even the most experienced professionals have difficulty defining stress. In some ways, stress is the way that the body responds to certain triggers, particularly those that require an immediate reaction. However, if you have a mentally or emotionally taxing life, you know that stress can take place in the mind as well. Although most people use the…

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Emotional Balance Treatment

How Psychiatrists Are Innovating the Treatment of Emotional Imbalance

How Psychiatrists Are Innovating the Treatment of Emotional Imbalance Have you ever felt like your heart and mind were playing tug-of-war with one another? Perhaps you longed for a romantic partner who was no good for you or wanted to eat dessert when you knew it would set back your weight loss goals. If this sounds familiar, you know how important emotional balance can…

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Different Family Exercisies to Reduce Stress

Different Family Exercises to Reduce Stress Many families with busy schedules understand how difficult it is to find the time necessary to lead a well-balanced life. Making family stress management part of your daily routine can greatly improve your mental health. Exercising together as a family is one of the best ways to reduce stress. Exercise can help reduces stress, lower the risk of…

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Multitasking is a real skill

How to Improve Your Multitasking Skills Does sleeping past your alarm for the second time this week sound familiar? After waking up the kids, you rush into the kitchen and attempt to quickly make up for lost time. You try throwing sandwiches and fruit into lunchboxes for the kids while eggs are frying and bread is toasting. All the while, your eyes are switching…

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Why list making works

How to Lower Anxiety and Stress By Making a List We all know that stressful feeling of being in a deep sleep, and suddenly your eyes snap open and you are wide-awake. Anxiety starts to set in when you realize how much you have to do the next day. You find yourself scrambling out of bed to find a piece of paper and a…

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