Different Family Exercises to Reduce Stress

Many families with busy schedules understand how difficult it is to find the time necessary to lead a well-balanced life. Making family stress management part of your daily routine can greatly improve your mental health. Exercising together as a family is one of the best ways to reduce stress. Exercise can help reduces stress, lower the risk of heart disease, prevent weight gain, and even improve your mood.

Here are some unique and fun ways to integrate physical activity into your family time.

Find Opportunities to Bike Together

Biking can be a great low impact way to build leg strength and improve cardiovascular health. There are many opportunities to include biking in your weekly routine. You can bike with your kids to school, to the park or just explore your neighborhood! If your family doesn’t own bikes, they can be rented by the hour at some bike shops.

Make Yard work Fun

Turn leaf raking or snow shoveling into a fun activity instead of a chore. Make piles of leaves or snow and jump in! Gardening is also a great educational opportunity. Plant a tree to teach your kids about the environment, or start a vegetable garden to encourage healthy eating.

Play Sports as a Family

Sports are a great example of how exercise can be fun. Some sports, like Frisbee, soccer or basketball, can be played easily at home or a neighborhood park. In the summer, take your kids to the community pool, and in the winter, to the skating rink. Playing sports at young ages can help kids build a healthy self esteem.

Spend a Day at the Park

Invite other parents and their kids to a picnic at the park. Organize a game of flag football or kickball, or set up activities like a water balloon toss with prizes for the winners. This is a full day of outdoor fun for kids and parents!

Take a Family Hike

If the weather is nice, take your family to a nature park with hiking trails. If you’re pressed for time, go for a 20 minute walk around your neighborhood after dinner. This is also a great way to facilitate communication between members of your family and reduce the effects of stress on family life.


Look up instructional yoga videos online and follow along! Yoga reduces and stress and improves both physical and mental health, and it provides a great opportunity to roll around on the floor and act silly with your kids! Simple yoga moves can be done by people of all fitness levels.

Follow these tips to encourage a more active lifestyle for your family!

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