woman getting treated for depression

7 Things Your Therapist Wants You to Know

7 Things Your Therapist Wants You to Know Have you ever wondered what your therapist really thinks of all those things you say? Perhaps the idea of what therapists really think has kept you from going to counseling in the first place. Although the misconceptions about therapy are slowly subsiding, some remain stubbornly in place, and these ideas keep some people from accessing the…

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group therapy session

Top 4 Reasons to Choose Group Therapy

Top 4 Reasons to Choose Group Therapy In a group therapy session, one or two counselors meet with a group of clients who share similar emotional and behavioral health challenges. While this is different from how individual therapy works, group counseling is an effective way for many people to seek treatment. When most people think of group therapy, Alcoholics Anonymous or similar groups come…

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mom talking to her son about his depression

How to Suggest Therapy to Someone You Love

How to Suggest Therapy to Someone You Love Watching a loved one struggle with a suspected or diagnosed emotional or behavioral disorder can be excruciating. If you know how well treatment can work, you may hope that your loved one will take the brave step of starting therapy. However, in most cases, you cannot force someone to receive behavioral health treatment. Furthermore, therapy is…

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blood test for behavioral health

The Future of Depression Treatment

The Future of Depression Treatment The World Health Organization reports that about 264 million people globally experience depression. While people with depression can have similar symptoms, each person with the disorder experiences it in unique ways. For example, the disorder can be brought on by different causes, and people respond to treatments differently. The first-line treatment options for depression include cognitive-behavioral therapy and antidepressant…

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managing adult adhd

ADHD Management for Adults

ADHD Management for Adults When someone brings up ADHD, many people picture a hyper elementary-school child who can’t seem to sit still. While some patients with ADHD fits that description, it does not paint the full picture of the disorder. Not only can people have ADHD without hyperactivity as the primary symptom, but adults can live with the disorder as well. Mental health professionals…

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confident woman at work

The Many Benefits of Healthy Self-Esteem

The Many Benefits of Healthy Self-Esteem The term “self-esteem” described a person’s long-term beliefs about their own value as a person. Many things can affect your self-esteem over time, including your body image, your internal monologue, and the way others treat you. Self-esteem can be too low, too high, or just right. Because a person’s self-esteem tends to be stable over time, it can…

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Managing Anxiety About Coronavirus

Suffering from Anxiety About Coronavirus?

It feels nearly impossible to turn on the news, the radio, even your phone, these days without hearing about the novel coronavirus, formally known as COVID-19. This is especially true in Georgia since several confirmed cases have been reported in the state. With so much disturbing information being reported about the coronavirus, it is natural that you may be feeling alarmed, anxious or confused about the…

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child with high self esteem raising hand in class

How to Nurture Your Child’s Self-Esteem

How to Nurture Your Child’s Self-Esteem As a parent, you see exactly how fantastic your child is, but does your child see themselves in a similar light? Helping your child develop healthy self-esteem can set them up for success in many areas of life. Having healthy self-esteem can help children and teens: Create meaningful friendships Solve problems Persevere through life’s challenges Know their worth…

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woman with high self esteem

4 Ways to Boost Your Self-Esteem

4 Ways to Boost Your Self-Esteem In simplistic terms, self-esteem is ones ability to like oneself. However, the term encompasses so much more than that. Having healthy self-esteem is often connected to respecting yourself and believing you are worthy of happiness. If you have low self-esteem, you may believe negative things about yourself, even though they are not true. Low self-esteem often feeds into…

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mom is frustrated with her kids with adhd

What To Do If Your Child is Diagnosed with ADHD

What To Do If Your Child is Diagnosed with ADHD After several tests and consultations, a flood of mixed emotions may wash over you if your child is diagnosed with ADHD. You may feel nervous, overwhelmed, or even relieved. Some parents feel helpless or unsure of where to start. If you’re in this situation, try the following five actions. Making headway in these areas…

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