managing adult adhd

ADHD Management for Adults

ADHD Management for Adults When someone brings up ADHD, many people picture a hyper elementary-school child who can’t seem to sit still. While some patients with ADHD fits that description, it does not paint the full picture of the disorder. Not only can people have ADHD without hyperactivity as the primary symptom, but adults can live with the disorder as well. Mental health professionals…

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mom is frustrated with her kids with adhd

What To Do If Your Child is Diagnosed with ADHD

What To Do If Your Child is Diagnosed with ADHD After several tests and consultations, a flood of mixed emotions may wash over you if your child is diagnosed with ADHD. You may feel nervous, overwhelmed, or even relieved. Some parents feel helpless or unsure of where to start. If you’re in this situation, try the following five actions. Making headway in these areas…

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