Positive Results from Initial Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation Studies

It is hard to doubt the effectiveness of TMS therapy when studying all the recent research and literature that has come out about the depression treatment. Although the treatment is relatively new, most studies have positive things to say about how well it works. Do not let the fear of the unknown or something new stand in the way of you or a loved one getting better.

Some think that the treatment will not work on them, but studies suggest that at least half the people seeking treatments find some form of relief. According to Dunner D.L. and his research team, in their article "Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS) for Major Depression: A Multisite Naturalistic, Observational Study of Acute Treatment Outcomes in Clinical Practice," one in two patients finds relief, and that one in three patients achieve remission. The study does not conclude that the therapy works for everyone, but the odds are probably in your favor.

If TMS works, you will most likely see significant improvements in mood and behavior within two weeks of treatment (Avery, et al.). Considering that the treatment is proven to work quickly, why wait to find a local treatment center near you? For information please visit our web page www.mygbhptms.com