Addiction Medicine Specialist

Education and Specialty

Tommie Richardson is a board certified Addiction Medicine Physician at Georgia Behavioral Health Professionals. Dr. Richardson received his Doctor of Medicine from University of Tennessee Medical Units, winner of the Verstandig Award. His Medicine Internship was with City of Memphis Hospital and his Family Practice Residency with Howard University Hospital.

Professional Development

Dr. Richardson is a member of the American Medical Association as well as, a professional member of American Society of Addiction Medicine, American Academy of Providers in Addictive Diseases, American Medical Association, Atlanta Medical Society, Medical Association of Georgia, Georgia Addiction Counselors Association, National Association of Alcohol and Drug Counselors, Georgia ASAM and Medical Association of Atlanta.

Awards, Service, Honors

Tommie Richardson is certified with the American Board of Family Practice, American Society of Addiction Medicine, American Academy of Healthcare Providers in Addiction Disorders and Georgia Addiction Counselors Association, Certified Addiction Counselor, Level 1. Dr. Richardson was a recipient of the Verstandig award for his medical class, at the University of Tennessee treating clinicians for the NBA and NBA players Association. Dr. Richardson also serves as a consultant to the NBA, he spent 12 years as a treating clinicians for the NFL's programs for substance abuse.r

Adult Addiction Medical Services

Dr. Richardson is a physician specializing in addiction medicine, recovery and psychopharmacology. Dr. Richardson has over thirty years of experience in identifying, diagnosing and treating chemical dependence and psychiatric illness. Dr. Richardson currently has his private practice at the Smyrna office of Georgia Behavioral Health Professionals as well as provides medical services at the Day Hospital at Ridgeview Institute. Dr. Richardson also works at Tangu, Inc., a private counseling and therapy service center and is the Medical Director for Accelerated Recovery Centers, an alcohol treatment facility. He uses his many years of expertise and vast knowledge of pharmacology to provide a comprehensive approach and best treatment plan for the individual patient. He treats all kinds of addictions, including alcohol and drugs. Dr. Richardson has a special interest with ambulatory detoxification, rehabilitation, stabilization of alcohol opioids,benzodiazepines acute intervention and long-term therapies. Richardson is certified to prescribe patients Suboxone and Subutex.

Fun Facts

In his free time, Dr. Richardson enjoys swimming, working out and daily mediation. He is a member of the Ebenezer Baptist Church (a Church for all nations), is married and the father of six lovely children.

Contact Information

To schedule an appointment with Dr. Richardson, please contact Georgia Behavioral Health Professionals Smyrna office at (770) 431-2354.