Lawson Bost, LMFT

Provider type: Therapist

About Lawson Bost, LMFT

Lawson Bost is a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist from Liberty University. Lawson began his journey into therapy as an experiential educator for a non-profit leading individuals and groups in backpacking, mountaineering, climbing, and canoe trips for 10 years. Lawson’s lens is a family systems approach, meaning it is important to view our lives and what we are dealing with through a context of different variables and experiences we have had. By being curious and courageous, change of any kind is possible. Lawson's interventions can vary but they are always based in a client-centered approach. Some of Lawson's interests involve exercising, getting "lost" in the wilderness, and going on adventures with his family.



635 Stephenson Avenue
Savannah, GA 31405