Lisa Sheehan, MD

Provider type: Physicians & APNs

About Lisa Sheehan, MD

Dr. Sheehan is a board certified child psychiatrist with 11 years of experience on faculty at Augusta University. She specializes in children ages 2-18 in the diagnosis and treatment of all psychiatric conditions. Dr. Sheehan is empathetic and tries to do her best for each family she sees. Dr. Sheehan is the proud mother of two beautiful children of her own. Being a parent has enriched her perspective and empathy for families that are struggling. Dr. Sheehan strives to give people realistic intentions that, as parents, they are capable of doing while balancing family, jobs, and finances.

Education & Certifications

5/2001 B.S. Biology; Augusta State University

6/2005 M.D. Wake Forest University School of Medicine

6/2008 General Psychiatry training - Wake Forest University School of Medicine

6/2010 Child Psychiatry training - MCG (Augusta University)



3633 Wheeler Road, Suite 365
Augusta, GA 30909