Ralph Ogwotu, NP

Provider type: Physicians & APNs

About Ralph Ogwotu, NP

Ralph Ogwotu is a Psychiatric Nurse Practioner with not only a great passion for what his job entails, but also fueled with immense compassion for his patients to inspire and help them engender feelings of warmth, love joy and hope.

Education & Certifications

Diploma – (Nursing), Southern Community College, Tuskegee, AL - July 2005

Associate Degree--(Nursing), Chattahoochee Valley Comm. College, Phenix City, AL - May 2013

Bachelor of Science-(Nursing), Columbus State University, Columbus, GA - April 2015

Master of Science (Nursing) Walden University, Minneapolis, MN - Feb. 2020


Stockbridge-250 Corporate Center Ct

250 Corporate Center Court
Stockbridge, GA 30281