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**NOTE: Virtual waiting rooms are not intended for on-demand care. All Telehealth sessions are by appointment only and must be scheduled in advance.


Michelle Cenerizio, PMHNP-BC

RoomID: mcenerizio

Jill Webb, PMHNP-BC, FNP-C

RoomID: jwebb

Latasha Martin, NP

RoomID: lmartin

Michelle Dade, PMHNP

RoomID: mdade

Sydney Cunningham, NP

RoomID: scunningham

Hawah Guar, MSN, PMHNP

RoomID: hguar

Antoinette Theodore, PA

RoomID: atheodore

Angela Hamm, MSN, PMHNP

RoomID: ahamm

Kahari Scott, PMHNP-BC

RoomID: kascott

Tuvia Breuer, MD

RoomID: breuer

Kristen Erica Hunkin, PhD, APRN, PMHNP-BC

RoomID: ehunkin

Tarvett Standley, ARNP, PMHNP-BC

RoomID: ystandley

Allison Freeman, NP

RoomID: allisonfreeman

Ritu Chadha, MD

RoomID: rchadha

David Klein, MD

RoomID: dklein

Erika Kang, APRN

RoomID: ekang

Hannah Brooks, PMHNP

RoomID: hbrooks

Misty Lewis, DNP, APRN, PMHNP-BC

RoomID: mlewis

Olumayowa Agbojeyin, PMHNP-BC

RoomID: oagbojeyin

Kathy Dexter, PA

RoomID: kdexter

Krista Raynes Hobson, PMHNP

RoomID: khobson

Ronald Sites, MD


Susan Player, NP

RoomID: splayer

Karl Smart, NP

RoomID: ksmart

Karina Lydia, PMHNP-BC

RoomID: klydia

Tammy Denny-Smith, NP

RoomID: tdsmith

Elizabeth Licalzi, MD

RoomID: elicalzi

Piyush Patel, MD

RoomID: pipatel

Nirupama Natarajan, MD

RoomID: nnatarajan

Alivia McMahan, PA

RoomID: amcmahan

Oksana Kershteyn, MD

RoomID: okershteyn

Kevin Winders, MD

RoomID: winders

Samantha Day, MSN, PMHNP-BC

RoomID: sday

Karen Nguyen, PAC

RoomID: knguyen

Jayesh Naik, MD

RoomID: jnaik

Marcia Phillips, MSN

RoomID: mphillips

Rashelle Browne-Tomlinson, MD

RoomID: rtomlinson

Stewart Shevitz, MD

RoomID: sshevitz

Matthew Williams, PhD

RoomID: mwilliams

Chinyere (Chichi) Okonkwo, PMHNP

RoomID: cokonkwo

Jagruti “Jackie” Chaudhari, PMHNP

RoomID: jchaudhari

Sameer Dongre, MD

RoomID: sdongre

Tricia Rumble, PMHNP-BC

RoomID: gbhp-trumble

Sabitha Aligeti, MD

RoomID: aligeti

Jessica Igbalajobi, MSN

RoomID: jigbalajobi

Olajide Fawehinmi, MD

RoomID: ofawehinmi

Alexis Kessen, MD

RoomID: akessen

Brooke Boccaccio, NP

RoomID: bboccaccio

Jennifer Logan, PMHNP

RoomID: jlogan

Gary Matthews, MD

RoomID: gmatthews

Larrice Gorley, PMHNP

RoomID: lgorley

Katherine Gill, NP

RoomID: katgill

Valentina Asamaigor, PMHNP

RoomID: vasamaigor

Lyle Cason, PAC

RoomID: mcason

Shashank Jha, MBBS, FNP, PMHNP-BC

RoomID: sjha

Akinlawon Ayeni, MD

RoomID: aayeni

Beatrice Okoye, FNP-C, PMHNP-BC

RoomID: bokoye

Lisa Mann, PA-C

RoomID: lmann

Andrew Daniel, NP

RoomID: adaniel

Jacqueline Williams, PMHNP

RoomID: jwilliams

Shannon Hummel, PMHNP-BC

RoomID: shummel

Kathleen Schaaf, NP

RoomID: kschaaf

Hardie Tatman, MSN, NP

RoomID: tatman

Omotayo Abdul, PMHNP-BC

RoomID: tabdul

Dola Abiodun, PMHNP

RoomID: dabiodun

Catherine Russell, PMHNP

RoomID: crussell

Shawn Kade, PMHNP

RoomID: skade

Mahlet Abebe, APRN

RoomID: mabebe

Darlene McNulty, DO

RoomID: dmcnulty

Jean Cadet, PMHNP

RoomID: jcadet

Alana Cox, MD

RoomID: acox

Korinne Edwards, NP

RoomID: kedwards

Bruce Hoffman, MD

RoomID: bhoffman

Enika Mcclain, NP

RoomID: emcclain

Louis Barton, MD

RoomID: lbarton

Audline Hodnett, PMHNP-BC, NP

RoomID: ahodnett

Courtney Jones, PMHNP

RoomID: gbhp-cjones

Jennifer Simonds, NP

RoomID: jsimonds

Omoniyi Mutiu, PMHMP

RoomID: omutiu

Anthony Hall, PMHNP-BC

RoomID: ahall

Matachi Ughwanogho, MSN, PMHNP-BC

RoomID: mughwanogho

Nafiha Islam, MD

RoomID: nislam

Nicole Silvernail, PMHNP

RoomID: nsilvernail

Robbie Geiselman, PMHNP

RoomID: rgeiselman

Barry Jones, MD

RoomID: bjones

Caroline DeRosa, PMHNP

RoomID: cderosa

Clark Hawkins, DO

RoomID: chawkins

Teresa Lane, PMHCNS

RoomID: tlane

Michael John Credidio, PsyD

RoomID: mcredidio

Lakia Davis, PMHNP

RoomID: ldavis

Syed Imam, MD

RoomID: simam

Dr. Carmen Savelli, PsyD

RoomID: csavelliherrmann

Cecile Pasion-Bregman, MD

RoomID: cbregman

Athena Sotus-Nawar, MDD

RoomID: anawar

Jenny Yancey, PMHNP

RoomID: jyancey

Meah Mccray, PMHNP-BC

RoomID: mmccray

Patrice Barnhill, CPNP, PMHNP-BC

RoomID: pbarnhill

Amara Onuorah, NP

RoomID: aonuorah

Ifeoma Adazi, PMHNP

RoomID: iadazi

Jamie Mccracken, PMHNP

RoomID: jmccracken

Stephen Fleming, MD

RoomID: sfleming

Melanie Johnson, MD

RoomID: mpointer

Shaji Puthuvel, MD

RoomID: sputhuvel

William Dwight, PMHNP

RoomID: wdwight

Ramesh Kannegenti, MD

RoomID: rkannegenti

Jeffrey Harris, PMHNP

RoomID: jharris

Helaina Jaffe, MD

RoomID: jaffe

Heather Griffin, MD

RoomID: hgriffin

Rodrigo Falcao, MD

RoomID: rfalcao

Hector Diez Caballero, MD

RoomID: caballero

Simran Brar, MD

RoomID: sbrar

Tommie Richardson, MD

RoomID: trichardson

Darin Williams, NP

RoomID: dwilliams

Jasmine Young, NP

RoomID: jyoung

Ebele Compean, MD

RoomID: ecompean

Stefanie Livingston, PMHNP

RoomID: slivingston

Kimberly Lanier, PMHNP-BC

RoomID: klanier

Lovelyne Joseph, FNP-BC, PMHNP, PMHNP-BC

RoomID: lojoseph

Charles Guillaume, PMHNP

RoomID: cguillaume

Raja Rao, MBBS

RoomID: rrao

Marie-Andree Parent, MSN, NP, RN

RoomID: mparent

Akeela Dossa, PMHNP-BC

RoomID: adossa

Lindsey Nichols, APRN

RoomID: nichols

Windy Meadows, PMHNP

RoomID: wmeadows

Jessica Clark, PMHNP, DNP

RoomID: jclark

Chiriyankandat Sebastian, MD


Jacquelyne Bodea, PMHNP

RoomID: jbodea

Esther Narhmartey-Darku, NP

RoomID: enarhmartey

Anna Sturkie, PMHNP-BC

RoomID: asturkie

Shakaola Pinero, NP

RoomID: spinero

Jay Patel, MD

RoomID: jpatel

Tina Ezeolisah, DNP, PMHNP-BC

RoomID: tezeolisah

Deena Altman, PA

RoomID: altman

Kun Tang, MD

RoomID: ktang


Maria Gonzalez-Iglesias, LCSW

RoomID: mgonzalez

Christopher Hollar, LPC

RoomID: chollar

April Barnes, LMFT, LPC

RoomID: abarnes

Glenn Niles, LPC

RoomID: gniles

Denise Spear, LPC

RoomID: dspear

Mina Rodgers, LPC

RoomID: mrodgers

Chelsea Ward, LPC

RoomID: cward

Jennifer O’gorman, MA

RoomID: jogorman

Shannon Keller, LPC

RoomID: skeller

Taylor Hawley, LAPC

RoomID: thawley

Brian Santiago, LAPC, NCC, MS

RoomID: bsantiago

Rosetta Friday, LCSW

RoomID: rfriday

Brandon Landry, PsyD

RoomID: blandry

Adrian Sago, LPC

RoomID: asago

Elizabeth Haines, LPC

RoomID: ehaines

Cara O’Brien-Smith, LCSW

RoomID: comith

Sarah Batzel, LPC

RoomID: sbatzel

John Schramm, LPC

RoomID: jschramm

Jeremy Hinote, LPC

RoomID: jhinote

Michael Lederman, LMFT

RoomID: mlederman

Ethel London, LPC

RoomID: etaylor

Laurelanne Hackinson, LPC

RoomID: lhackinson

Amanda Viola Brooke, LPC

RoomID: aviolabrooke

Alfiya James, LCSW

RoomID: ajames

Britland Stefani, LPC

RoomID: bstefani

Melanie Lindblade, LPC

RoomID: mlindblade

Kevin Larkins, LPC

RoomID: klarkins

Maria Halpin, LPC

RoomID: mhalpin

Shaqutia Florence, LPC

RoomID: sflorence

Edward Parks, LCSW

RoomID: eparks

Rachel Jackman, LAPC

RoomID: rjackman

Jaime Alberto Castillo, LAPC

RoomID: jcastillo

Sims Lamason, LAPC

RoomID: elamason

Irene Wood, LPC

RoomID: iwood

Rebecca Johnson

RoomID: rjohnson

Rev. Yolanda Seals-Stewart NCC, LPC, CPCS, EAS-C, SATS

RoomID: ysstewart

Jane Davis, LPC

RoomID: jdavis

Sarah Guthrie, Therapist Intern

RoomID: sguthrie

Megan Caldwell, LAPC

RoomID: mcaldwell

Alexandra Moses, LPC

RoomID: ajmoses

Ebony Yelder, LPC

RoomID: eyelder

Kiesha Stanley, LPC

RoomID: kstanley

Kristi Kinlaw, LAPC

RoomID: kkinlaw

Nancy Bankston, LMFT

RoomID: nbankston

Bethany Barcomb, LPC

RoomID: bbarcomb

Michael Britt, LPC

RoomID: mbritt

Anna Maynard, LAPC

RoomID: mmaynard

Beth Manasra, MS, APC

RoomID: bmanasra

Selina Mccray, LPC

RoomID: smccray

Dr. Taijah Davis, EdD, LPC

RoomID: tdavis

Andrea Williams, LPC

RoomID: andreawilliams

Samantha McGirt, LPC

RoomID: smcgirt

Carol Lewis, LPC

RoomID: clewis

Susan Hoffman, LPC


Kristine Nickel-Gayle, LCSW

RoomID: kgayle

Ophelia Blackwell, LPC

RoomID: oblackwell

Vesna M Lipkovic, NCC, LPC

RoomID: vlipkovic

Jenise Greene, LPC

RoomID: jegreene

Adaobi Ofoma, MA

RoomID: aofoma

Anna Ingram, LPC

RoomID: aingram

Cocise Grace, LPC

RoomID: gcocise

Erica Atkinson, LPC

RoomID: eatkinson

Courtney Holmes, LCSW

RoomID: cholmes

Chastity Monique Richardson, LAPC, CCIT, NBCC

RoomID: cmrichardson

Brittany Jourdan, APC

RoomID: bjourdan

Amy Rozett, LPC

RoomID: arozett

Daniel Bochner, PhD

RoomID: dbochner

Katherine Adams, LMFT

RoomID: kadams

Daniela Andronic, LPC

RoomID: dandronic

Chanee Simpson, MS

RoomID: csimpson

Christy McWaters, LPC, CMAC

RoomID: cmcwaters

Audrey Mishaw, LPC

RoomID: amishaw

Leslie Owen, LPC

RoomID: lowen

Antoinette Wilson, LCSW

RoomID: awilson

Susan Stewart, LPC

RoomID: sstewart

Avis Turner, PhD, LCSW


Kymberly Sampson, LCSW

RoomID: ksampson

Cassandra Boothe, LMFT

RoomID: cboothe

Tracy Carmichael, LPC

RoomID: tcarmichael

Myngnon Walton, LPC

RoomID: mwalton

Rachel Willis, LPC

RoomID: rwillis

Christine “Laine” Liss, MSW

RoomID: cliss

Terri Barton, LCSW

RoomID: tbarton

Laura Wagar, LPC

RoomID: lwagar

Margaret Weaver, PhD

RoomID: mweaver

Kelli Gordy, LPC

RoomID: kgordy

Dr Amy Holsten, PhD

RoomID: aholsten

Cynthia Johnson, PhD

RoomID: cyjohnson

Chloe G Harper, LAMFT

RoomID: charper

Kadi HInely, LAPC

RoomID: khinely

Avis China, LPC

RoomID: achina

Timothy Brown, PhD

RoomID: tbrown

Sareena Miduski, LPC

RoomID: smiduski

Likedra Smith, LAPC

RoomID: lsmith

Nelda Yee, LMFT

RoomID: nyee

Lauren Morrison, LPC

RoomID: lmorrison

Joanna Crockett, LPC

RoomID: jcrockett

Timothy Curran, PsyD

RoomID: tcurran

Cher Gravitt

RoomID: cgravitt

Marion L. Chapman, LPC

RoomID: mchapman

Charles Lawson Bost, MA

RoomID: lbost

Kelly Thorpe, LCSW

RoomID: kthorpe

Barbara Campbell-Antoine, LCSW

RoomID: bantoine

Abbie Medicus, APC

RoomID: amedicus

Kathryn Thompson, LMFT

RoomID: kthompson

Jennifer Sudderth, MS, NCC, LPC, CS, CMAC

RoomID: jsudderth

Carolyn Moreland, LPC

RoomID: cmoreland

Millini Johnson

RoomID: mjohnson

Kathleen Sewell, APC

RoomID: ksewell

Gaynell Hill, LCSW

RoomID: ghill

Mozhgan Bayatpour, LPC

RoomID: mbayatpour

Nichole Robeson, LCSW

RoomID: nrobeson

Caroline Bozarth, LPC

RoomID: cbozarth

Tiffany Fowler, LMFT

RoomID: tfowler

Allison Layman, LPC

RoomID: alayman

Ashley Pettway, Intern

RoomID: apettway

Joseph Pfeffer, LCSW

RoomID: jpfeffer

Carol Lewis, LPC

RoomID: clewis

Courtney Greene, LPC

RoomID: cjgreene

Youla Overbey, LPC

RoomID: poverbey

Alvita Lott, LAPC

RoomID: alott

Karen Larson, LPC

RoomID: klarson

Lashley Raleigh, LPC

RoomID: lraleigh

Elizabeth South, LCSW

RoomID: esouth

Karen Harris, LCSW

RoomID: kharris

Nicole Harris, LPC

RoomID: nharris

Jennifer D. Wilson, LPC

RoomID: jwilson

Quitman John Brigmond, LPC

RoomID: jbrigmond

Kimberly Swanson, LPC

RoomID: kswanson

Joseph Etheredge, MC

RoomID: jetheredge

Yvette Montsho, LPC

RoomID: ymontsho

Jasmine Jenkins, LPC

RoomID: jajenkins

David Hermecz, PhD

RoomID: dhermecz

Alan Alig, LPC

RoomID: aalig

Annuradha Vijayvargiya, LPC

RoomID: avijayvargiya

Devon Nicole Sautman, MSW

RoomID: dsautman

Alexandra Gray, LAPC, NCC

RoomID: agray

Dylan Ruby, LPC

RoomID: druby

Ebonie Harris, LPC

RoomID: eharris

Donna Owen, LPC

RoomID: dowen

Ida Mae Boatman, LPC

RoomID: iboatman

John Adegboye, LPC

RoomID: jadegboye

Hollis Floyd, LMFT

RoomID: hfloyd

Shauna Kenney, LAPC

RoomID: skenney

Kristne Broadway, MS, LPC

RoomID: kbroadway

Amy Syen, LCSW

RoomID: asyen

Sherita Tartt, LPC

RoomID: startt

Mary Gladney, LCSW

RoomID: mgladney

Rebecca Coursey, LPC

RoomID: rcoursey

Caroline Bosarge, LMSW

RoomID: cbosarge

Meredith Harris, LAPC

RoomID: mharris

Richard Spivey, LAMFT

RoomID: rspivey

DeEveria Lacy, LAPC

RoomID: dlacy

Samantha Best, LMSW

RoomID: sbest

William “Bill” McLeod, LPC

RoomID: bmcleod

Jim Synan, LPC

RoomID: jsynan

Scott Patterson, LPC

RoomID: spatterson

Tamara Brown, LPC

RoomID: tabrown

Colleen Dougherty, LCSW

RoomID: cdougherty

Lenissa Barbosa, LMSW

RoomID: lbarbosa

Robi Lipscomb, LPC

RoomID: lipscomb

Abigail Kreisinger, LAPC

RoomID: akreisinger

Consuela Edwards, LPC

RoomID: gbhp-cedwards

Michele Cookieanos, LPC

RoomID: mcookieanos

Lan Schlecht, LCSW

RoomID: lschlecht

Brandi Williams, LCSW

RoomID: bwilliams

Barb VanHouten, LCSW

RoomID: bvanhouten

Lane Gormley, LPC

RoomID: lgormley

MaryBeth Adams, LPC, NCC

RoomID: madams

Carrie Thompson, LPC

RoomID: cthompson

Joyce Webb, PhD

RoomID: jowebb

Kelley Sproles, LMFT

RoomID: ksproles

Mariah Driggers, Therapist Intern

RoomID: mdriggers

Ellie Tuck

RoomID: etuck

Martha Fodroczi, LPC

RoomID: mfodroczi

Hannah Weeks, LAPC

RoomID: hweeks

Herschel Abbott, LPC

RoomID: habbott

Arthur Bennett, PhD

RoomID: abennett

Rebecca Swan, LAPC

RoomID: rswan

Keith Edmonds, LPC

RoomID: kedmonds

Misty Martin, LPC

RoomID: mmartin

Stephanie Waller, LPC

RoomID: swaller

Janet Adams, LCSW

RoomID: jadams

Carolyn Ramp, LPC

RoomID: cramp

Cynthia Edins, PhD, LPC

RoomID: cedins

Dr Marie Gehle, PsyD

RoomID: mgehle

Claire Davis, LPC

RoomID: cldavis

Austin Shively, LAPC

RoomID: ashively

Tucker Braddy, LAPC

RoomID: tbraddy

Donald Weatherford, MS, LPC


Janese Brown, LCSW

RoomID: jbrown

Tony Sykes, LPC

RoomID: tsykes

Jami Hanneman, LCSW

RoomID: jhanneman

Magdalene Vasconez, LCSW

RoomID: mvasconez

Debbie Fain, MEd, LPC

RoomID: dfain

Maudesta Caleb, LPC

RoomID: mcaleb

Davida Mcgee, LAPC

RoomID: dmcgee

Jacqueline Roberts, APC

RoomID: jroberts

Ammereta Gaskin, LMFT

RoomID: agaskin

Tonya Delaney, LCSW

RoomID: tdelaney

Cheryl Schwartzkopf, APC

RoomID: cschwartzkopf

Nichole Rader, LPC

RoomID: nrader

Jennifer Gaul, LAPC

RoomID: jgaul

August Jones, LCSW

RoomID: ajones

Elizabeth Harison, LAMFT

RoomID: eharison

Alison Smith, LPC

RoomID: Asmith

Jana Mastrogiovanni,LPC

RoomID: jmastrogiovanni

Johanna Estevez, MS, LMFT

RoomID: jestevez

Kate Bobowski, LPC

RoomID: kbobowski

Erin Richardson, LPC

RoomID: erichardson

Jihene Ayadi, LPC

RoomID: jayadi

Cierra Davis, LPC

RoomID: cierradavis

Dr Dara Delancy, PsyD

RoomID: ddelancy

Meredith Ellis, LAPC

RoomID: mellis

Morgan Lueck, LMFT

RoomID: mlueck

Rachel Bryant, LPC, PsyD

RoomID: rbryant

Nancy Eschette, PhD

RoomID: neschette

Lisa Rodgers, LPC

RoomID: lrodgers

Christy Gardner, LPC

RoomID: cgardner